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“Offering expertise in symptom management, optimizing quality of life, and assisting patients and families negotiating the complex and advanced medical problems, palliative care is appropriately becoming more integrated into mainstream medicine. Dr. Ihrig has done an outstanding job highlighting the need and value of palliative resources for this population. Truly, everyone should have the opportunity to access quality palliative services, and much earlier in the course of their disease than is the typical practice. Helping all to understand exactly what they should expect through palliative care services and how to access these resources continues to be a focus for the Trillium Institute. We are thrilled that Dr. Ihrig has been able to articulate this and support those of us who continue to advance this field.”

John Mulder, MD, FAAHPM, HMDC
Chief Medical Consultant for Hospice and Palliative CareMedical Director, Trillium Institute